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Sunday, October 30, 2005 

Academic Cowardice

Is the title an eye catcher? Better be. Social engineers have plagued and penetrated, perpitrated, and abused our educational system for far to long. The frauds that pass themselves off as scholars and as the so called intellectual enlightened, are what is teaching the youth of our nation today.

Starting in public elementary school and working their way up into the colleges. These academic frauds are lieing to their students and to themselves. In an order to create a false impression of so called misdeeds and wrongful events, by placeing a moral equivalance into history. History is not morals, nor how do you feel. History is places , times, people and events. Not how someone felt, or their prejudices. That would be social studies. See social studies and history are two different lines of study. NOT THE SAME AS WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT. the fact that social engineers want to bias the truth of history with thewir guilt, blame, and make you feel better facts.

I always hear the same ol argument that there are good teachers being balmed for the bad ones. Well I see a lot more bad then good teachers out there. As well as guilt by association. If you know someone is doing wrong and do nothing about it you are just as guilty. Hence when teachers fall in line with the teachers union and their practices of dumbing down America they are just as guilty for not saying NO.

A prime example of what is going on right now is at Colorado University in Boulder. Look at the collasal fraud of a proffesor in Ward Churchill. YES THATS RIGHT WARD CHURCHHILL IS A FRAUD/ FAKE/ SOCIALIST ACTIVISTS/ ANTI AMERICAN PUSS BUCKET SAKE OF ROAD KILL REMAINS.

Lieing not only about his own heritage but making up facts and distorting them to push an adgenda of the far left to mushheaded ignorant college students. Students and parents who refuse to do their own research and look into what these so called proffesors are saying and not questioning their slant/bias on history and America.

Ward Churchill should be fired! There is no question in it. Lieing about his heritage, his credentials, and published work theft. This man is what passes as enlightened intellectual proffesor? This man is nothing more then SCUM. the board of Regents at C.U. are chicken and afraid to do the right thing seeing how Boulder is a cesspool of liberal lies and thought. By taking a stand and doing what is right the board of regents is afraid of loseing a lawsuit to Ward baby. Any company in the world would have fired this lieing fraud long ago. But the lawsuit threatened by Ward and his socialist buddies scares the Board of Regents to much. Proof, documentation of his frauds are abound and running rampent in the real world however Boulder is far from the real world and so is our judicial system.

By asking this fraud to conmtinue to speak around the nation and spread his lies and hatred, the academics who support him by not speaking out against his presence are just as guilty of spreading his vile themselves. If there are good teachers and proffesors out there speak up and deny Ward his soapbox of hate. Demand that the C.U. board of Regents fire him NOW.

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