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Saturday, October 22, 2005 


When they hearings on 9/11 began every one could sense it was a political witch hunt on the Bush administration. So many unasked obviouse questions of past administration mistakes. The panel being stacked with people involved, knowledgable , and involved with cover up and direct blocking of information did not seem to matter. We have to get to the truth of why the Bush administration failed us.

Now the truth is bursting out and it is time the people of this country demand some accountability of their elkected officials. The recent excitment on the senate floor provided by a justly pissed off Senator Curt Weldon brought hope to me. Able danger was working and doing its job. However the political hacks and bureocrats in Clintons administration failed the citizens of this country. Placeing walls between intelligent agencies and military. Making it illegal for NSA, CIA, FBI agencies to communicate on threeats to the citizens of this country. All because of the fear that Bill Clinton may get prosecutred for his misdeeds and mishandleing of leadership. Bill Clintons own hatred for the FBI over investigating him on his corrupt ways.

Hillary Clintons agressive protection to hang on to power in the White House. Do as I say not as I do cavalier attitude of these liberal buffoons has put this country in the situation it now is in. Not a support for Isreal or foriegn polocy decisions in the middle east. Didn't Jimmy Carters failed submission to the PLO teach us anything? When are elected officials surround themselves with cronies (Bush appointies?) we the public suffer.

I challenge all who read this blog to read the 9/11 commision report, then read the facts of Able Danger. Conect the dots on this one enlightened intellectuals. the 9/11 report was a fraud in order to misdirect inspection of failed government red tape.

The truth we knew under Bill Clinton that this country was in danger and HE FAILED TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

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