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Saturday, October 22, 2005 

The Dark knight

The Dark Knight better known as Batman. What was or is he. A well intentioned man of justice, a vigilante? But according to liberals and open boarder activists vigilantes are terrible things. Does not Batman give all to protect and to serve the good citizens of Gothem. To avenge the wrong and prevent evil from doing its michief.

Looking at the definition of a vigilante it is the following:

One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands.

self-appointed doer of justice

In modern terms, vigilantes are militias or police who attempt law enforcement, in the usual phrase, "by taking the law into their own hands". Vigilantes often operate in secret. The origins of the term Vigilante stems from the name "Vigiles Urbanus" given to the night watchmen of Ancient Rome who were tasked with fighting fires and keeping a look out for run away slaves and burglars.

So if these are the definition of a vigilante the Dark knight most certainly is a vigilante.

What would Bruce Wayne do with the current situation at the boarder today? Or what would he do with terrorists disguiseing themselves among us?
Would he seek them out for justice, prevent them from comitting more atrocities against American citizens. How would Bruce use his influence on elected officials of such low moral fiber as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Bill (Hillary) Clinton.

What would we the public do if a masked vigilante roamed our streets stopping drug pushers, muggers, rapists, and punks. I for one would seek him out to shake his hand and say thankyou.

Do you think the Dark Knight if located in Texas or Arizona instead of Gothem(thats New York for those who did not know), be out on the boarder helping to stem the drug lords from bringing their filth into this nation. Would he have been present during the L.A.riots. Putting a foot upside those idiots heads who destroyed their own neighborhoods.

A form of vigilanties exists in perfect unity with community service today. It thrives in the Philippeans, these vigilanties are known as Borangi, an active nieghborhood watch so to speak but with a little more authority.

Vigilanties are not bad as long as we do not have hangings in the street, although that isn't such a bad idea for certain individuals.

The Dark Knight is needed if only to allow an escape from reality. Vigilanties are only bad and cruel by definition from the socialists. Those who oppose anything Pro American.

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