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Sunday, October 30, 2005 


Once again I have too much time on my hands and I think way to much.

Looking at people and the way they act. People are so self absorbed and self centered. i recieved a call yesterday evening from a coworker telling me that the Halloween party was cancelled. I had to ask what party was this. The reply oh wern't you invited? A No!

Truth be told i wouldn't have gone any way just because of the drive ... drinking and driving is not my bag and I would have had several drinks. Bottom line why bother to call and let me know if I wasn't invited in the first place. Well they were covering their basis. This is respectablke and appreciated I suppose. One should if changeing plans be polite enough to let others know what is up.

As for me this wouldn't happen because I would not have a Halloween party. People tend to show their true nature at parties. I already know that people are very self absorbed and i do not need them coming to my house and dogging on my things or causeing problems. I certainly do not want the thought of drunks on the road leaving my place, besides the legal ramifications that could be present.

Over the last 15 years or longer I have become a bit of a loner I suppose. A self protective, yet lonely way. My fellow coworkers, bless their hearts but why did they. on my birthday they went out of their way and decorated my office reminding me I am over the hill. Touching and appreciated but definately not neccessary. I do not celebrate my birthday as it is just another day to me. As a matter of fact most holidays have lost their meaning and special qualities.

New years is just the first day of the year, Valentines well have to have someone to share it with to make it special and for me . Well when I discover a woman who isn't a liar or a cheater, or a player, maybe I will think about it ..... not going to happen women are never going to change. It is in theior nature to be manipulative and players. GUYS YOU NEED TO TAKE LESSONS FROM THEM.

Memorial day, well being a veteran I do take a little time to reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for me.

Labor day, the fourth of July, I end up working anyway so why bother. Halloween, no one ever comes to the door so this year I didn't even decorate. Though a big bowl of candy sits next to the door I figure my teeth will rot out courtesy of Wal-Mart and their awsome prices. Besides last year I decorated work and got my back side chewed out for it. "It offends some of my coworkers and visiters to the radio station by celebrating Satan, and Whitches." (DO NOT WORK AT A HYPOCRITICAL RELIGIOUSE STATION MY READERS).

Thanksgiving, well another day I end up working. Christmas , well it is so politically incorrect to celebrate nodays. The ACLU and other morons are having it abolished and made into winter holiday. They have forgotten the meaning of it.

Schools in Boston are not allowing children to dress up in costumes and have fun on All Hollows Eve. This is just wrong. While California schools are forcing students to participate in Ramadan a Islamic holiday , Christian holidays are just wrong.


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