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Saturday, October 29, 2005 

All Politics

Now that the grand jury has returned an indictment, the demolibs are celebrating. Inbetween danceing on the graves of the brave who have given their lives for this country and rejoiceing at one strange indictment. They want the average person to vote for them in the next election.

By spreading false inuendo's and simple mistruths we are to believe that we are involved in an illegal war (not true), the current administration lied (facts supported by the United Nations, other world leaders , and leaders even in the democratic party as to intelligence reports being accurate). The new diversion is an old one. Create a false lie and try to condem someone on falsefacts and misleading legalities.

The valerie Plame blame game has sunk to a new low. Well not a new low but low. The initial grand jury was set inplace to find out who leaked a supposedly undercover CIA agents name. Facts on this have been thrown out in order to pursue a political adgenda.It did not matter what was discovered or who did what. The adgenda was and is to create a scandel that involved the current administration. This is why Joe Wilson has never been looked at. Valerie Plame herself has never been looked at , and the real ones who have been irresponsible .... THE PRESS!

Joe Wilson the husband going around introduceing his wife as an CIA employee (hmmm isnt this an outing?). Valerie Plame going around and introducing herself as a CIA employee (hmmm, another outing?) The common knowledge of the beltway as to Valerie's employment status among the social circles. (OH WAIT THIS IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE HER SOCIAL CIRCLES WERE LIBERAL NOT CONSERVATIVE THEREFORE IT ISN'T AN OUTING BUT AN ACCEPTANCE OF A SO CALLED SPOOK ......YEAH RIGHT!)

The fact that Scooter Libby was not indicted as to leaking her name but of lieing about something he did not do. This is enough to reafirm my belief in a broken justice system. The origional intent be damned. An indictment at all costs to create and diverte attention on this administration to dicredit all they do.

Lets look again as to what is at the bottom of this quagmire. It stems back to 2000. An election that was counted, re counted, refused, recounted and determined that the democrate party were the ones cheeting at the ballets and that m ore democrates voted republican in Florida. A miffed Al Gore who had his ego hurt because the vote, not a popularity contest went against him and his socialist, enviromental wacko ideas were not accepted. A schedule of power hungry Clintonites who now had to look for new jobs. This is what after 8 years is at the bottom of the whole contraversy.

Violating surrender terms for 12 years, rebuilding of a military that was to be disassembled, and continued support and tyranny by a madman (Saddam) did not matter as long as we moved closer to Unidted Nation control over our national soverinty is all that matters to these antiAmerican morons.Damn the trith and full speed ahead towards making America a third world back water nation that supports and is subjecated by socialists. This is what is at the bottom of the Valerie Plame game.

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