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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

Colorado voters mess UP

In a time where governments need to tighten their belts and be fiscally responsible. Colorado voters fall for scare tactics and falsehoods. They approve unchecked spending and grant state government an open check book.

A new 3.7 billion dollars in spending was granted to state officials in November 1st vote last night. Along with a pay raise for unacountable teachers. A pay raise for teachers? Is there something wrong with this picture? YES THERE IS! One, teachers claim they are not paid enough. Well they only work 7 months out of the year or less and make good money during this time. If they had a job that was year round their saleries would be very nice. A so called pay for performance plan is what was voted in however it is not a pay for performance but a pay for tenure program. As the teachers union has final say on how and who gets a raise (interesting how the teachers union got control of this. So tell me it isnt a pay for tenure raise.) Instead of looking at the problem voters throw money at it hopeing that by giving unqualified teachers more money students will get smarter. [WITH THIS TYPE OF THINKING WHO NEEDS THE REAL EDUCATION? VOTERS DO!]

Referendum C allows the state to keep an additional 3.7 billion dollars of tax payers money. A clear violation to the Tabor amendment. Granting the state an open check book for more friviolus programs that will be set into place increaseing taxes perminately. It will create more welfars programs and socially needless entitlements that create a larger welfare state. Scare tactics of cutting education and lack of highway repair were used. All lies!!! Federal monies are granted to the state to help out these programs. Claiming that monies will be added to firefighters and police pensions is false too. If the state government would quit dipping illegally into these accounts for welfare programs the money would be increased for these workers.

The biggest surprise or should I say dissapointment was the passing of inititive 100. This bone headed idea raised and pushed by drug users allows those over the age of 21 to have in their posession 1 oz of marijuanna. The begining of the legalization of a mind alterating drug. Claims that it is not harmful and has medicinal properties are the biggest fraud and mischaracterization ever perpitrated on the average voter. Claims of it isnt a violent crime to be high and domestic violance is created by alchol not drugs. How in the worlds can the average voter be so stupid to believe this crap. (SOCIAL ENGINEERING BY LEFTIST MORONS WHO PUSH A POLITICAL AGENDA OF FEEL GOOD BUT NOT BE RESPONSIBLE BELIEFS.) What I fail to understand is that a large portion of the drug smoking pot heads are so vocal against tobacco and so called second hand smoke yet they are all in favor of a unfiltered harsher substance and worse smelling more offensive second hand smoke being allowed in public. I want to see how they will reacte when they go to light up their doobie and are told to go outside and smoke it. When they are regulated to a second class citizen status on their smoking. Will they be allowed to light up in the work place now or will they stand outside and get high. Either way any company who enacts a drug policy now will be open to lawsuits of discrimination against drug users.

To sum this whole abomination of a vote up. For those who voted for fiscal mismanagment who will see their taxes go up and have less money in thier pocket and a push by government to get even more money. If they complain about it. Well better not complain around me because you MORONS allowed it to happen and have only yourselves to blame!

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