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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

Support Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is correct on most of what she says. The rest is her opinion of her observations. She is ENTITLED to her opinion and does NOT DESERVE the outlandish name calling and vile threats to and about her. Michelle Malkin is deserving respect and support for calling it like she sees it. Something more Americans need to do. Stand up for what IS RIGHT and not falling in with the crowd and going along with the politically correct attitude.

Again the left wraps themselves up in so called free speech which by their own definition is hate speech and if all was fair in the world they want to create they would be prosecuted for. However they cry if someone exposes them for the fraud and hateful things they are hypecritical of saying. Why, because the left are in favor of censorship and dictatorship. Do as we say and not as we will do. We (the left) are not reponsible for our actions but society is. Unless of course it is someone who oppses their point of view then they are to be held singularly responsible.

Michelle malkin deserves our support in the fact she calls it like it is. With out low blow name calling and derogatory remarks. She keeps it on a civil level.


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