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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

How Far Left

The question before this country should not be about the war on terrorism. It should not be about abortions, or make believe rights that certain organizations and ideaologs would have you believe the founding fathers mysteriously wrote in to the Constitution. The question really should be how far left has this country gone.

The biggest misconception being portraid by both the left and so called right is that Ronald Reagon was this great conservative. This is far from the truth. Even though I admire Ronald Reagon and voted for him twice, he was far from an extreme right winger. Ronald Reagons economic program was out of JFK's playbook, the trickle down theory is Kennedy's. Just because Reagon made you feel proud and happy to be an American unlike CLinton who made you want to cover your passport anytime youn traveled abroad.

Judicial activism from the bench proves my point even further. When the people speak through election as to what they want and the copurts come back and deny this (example by saying in California you as a citizen are not entitled to free medical but have to pay for free medical for non citizens), proves a dictatorship mentality by the left on social issues.

No where in the Constitution does it say that as a citizen you are to be denied the right to pray. It says that there shall be no establishment of religion, meaning no religion shall be placed higher/above another in this country. Yet groups like the ACLU force the San Diego schools to teach Islam in the form of cultural diversity while denying Christians and Jews from celebrating thier faith is fascism.

The socalled hate speech. If you look at this anything that is said in truth abvout touchy subjects is now hate speech unless spoken by a liberal. Flat blatent censorship. Something the left claims they never do but regularly force upon us.

The systematic elimination of our civil rights granted by the constitution which sets forth specific guide lines, yes thats guidelines on what the government can not do. This is what the left does. This is how we have moved left by accepting these concepts and ideas into our daily lives.

Circumventing certaion laws by enacting others that arew contradictory. having the law enforcemnet agancies concentrate on the politically correct laws and not the moral laws should convince the average person of what I am saying.

This country is on the edge of socalism and submission to globalization to even further left idealogs.

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