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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

The Rant

Ever get in the mood to just sound off and go to town on a multitude of topics. Why, who knows just for the hell of it. Well I think its time fore me to just rant and babble. Have you ever just babbled? Turned someones ear for who knows how long and said absolutly nothing at all. Yet the hands on the clock have circled a dozen times and your friend or the poor person next to you has hung themselves from your inane commentary. You know its like if you were attending an Al Frankin speech and they would not let you leave. You would just kill yourself wouldn't you?

I mean if I had to sit there and listen to this moron Al Frankin babble on and on about things he has no clue to I would kill myself for sure. Well I feel like babbleing for a little while. You want to read? Sure you do because by now you want to know just how inane my writing is going to be this time. Some people like what I write , others send me nasty little notes calling me a facist and ignorent. LOL. I enjoy this as on other blogs I post I do some research and look at both sides of a topic before I make up my mind. I used to be a reactionary. But that was youth. Like Winston Churchill said. "If you are not a liberal in your twenties you have no heart and if you are not a conservative by the time you are 30 you have no common sense."

Listening to Andy Rooney one just wants to blow their brains out. Then after he is done babbleing you stop and say hey he is right. Why is that apple core at the bottom of my trash can. I didnt even eat an apple. So what is so profound about inane babbleing?

Beats the hell out of me but sometimes it is fun and you can get the strangest looks from your coworkers when you just jump in a conversation with an off the wall comment. I find this fun especially when they are in a so called deep conversation of world shattering importance. This just blows their socks off and sets them back for a long while. LOL. The looks on their faces is worth every minute of questions that are fired back at me several days later when they realize what was said. Sometimes people are so ignorant.

Ignorant, now there is a word that isn't used enough and dumb or stupid is substituted in wrongly in its place. Ignorant means not knowing, while stupid is stupid meaning not thinking. Dumb refers to ones mental status. Not derogatory either just a classification of ones ability.

I love inserting proper words into conversations when they are least expected because the english language is being hijacked by ghetto slang and improper enunciation yo b.

Its like we take all the children and force them to listen to this rap noise that is passed off as entertaining muzak. Now there be gut spell ... muzak b.

Have you listened to the youth of this country speak? They sound like a bunch of jibbering morons. It is sad really. Well no not sad but disgusting and pitiful that they are supposedly being edjumacated.

This brings me to cell phones. How in the hell did anyone ever survive with out a cell phone. Then wait how did I jump from the youth to cell phones? Oh well I am here so lets roll with it. Cell phones are a useful invention for sure , but on the other hand. Good golly Miss molly and Katie bar the proverbial door. I swear if I have to listen to someone shout into a phone on the elevator or waste my time at the gym because they are on the phone I am going to take that damn thing and bust it up. Just today myself and a coworker got onto an elevator and were having a discussion about an upcoming work project when the elevator stopped. Walking on was this young lady who immediately started to yell into her phone. The person I was with naturally raised the volumn of his voice so that I could here him. Well then this young lady started to scream into the phone and was absolutly obnoxiouse about it. Now I have on several occasions spoken on my cell phone on the elevator and the reception is very good. No need to yell.

Have you ever taken time to run out to your car on a supposedly break and cranked up the radio to some good ol'southern rock or to the oldies station and just simply jammed? How about driving down the street and started to sing at the top of your lungs then looked over to the right and noticed a car full of people looking at you like you just escaped from the mental institute. Then you roll down the window and in a bad jamacian accent you say yo mon, sing long bro.

No, never done that? Well try it its worth a laugh, maybe not you but someone will get a laugh out of it. Or for a laugh you simplely fall out of your chair at the lunch table and say what the hell? Then look around like someone hit you? This is worth a laugh.

Well enough of the ranting and babbleing more or less.

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