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Monday, October 13, 2008 

Is it time to invest?

So the stock market set a record for one day trading and success. Does this make it time to grab what cash you have and place it in the market?

Some say yes, others say no. What should you do. Well as I have said either here or in the Rocky Mountain News letters to the editor. Sure now is a good time to reexamine your portfolio or to start one. Would have been better if the market had been open over the weekend. Prices seemed to jump today.

But is it time to go head first and commit to a portfolio? No, I do not think so. Not as of yet. Yes it is time to get in to the market but do not roll that retirement account over yet. The big players have not made their major moves as of yet.

I am currently examining the market and trying to study trends and how it is supposed to work. Fascinating on the way that we as investors are being played to make others rich. I said three years ago that it was time to buy gold. I was scoffed at. So now look at the price of gold now. Who is having the last laugh there? Will I hang on to my gold? Not all of it. It is getting to a point I feel where it will start to decline. But not just yet. I have a few more months still to make some money. Depends on what China does with their gold purchases.

Any ways, there are plenty of stocks out there that look good. Not major players but then again the major stocks are expensive and are the ones that are sinking and rising like a boat in a storm. I would advice that before you do invest and do invest it is not only good for the economy but may just add to your vacation fund. Do a little research. There are plenty of sources to use.

I have found most companies quit friendly in publishing their performance not only for the past month but as far back as ten years. This shows trends and can easily be cross referenced with social trends, popular trends, and political trends.

Now I know people were hit hard. My brother lost over $50,000.00 last week because of the fluctuation. I on the other hand did not. I am a little more cautious. OK not true. I invest in the coffee can in the back yard out of a major distrust of financial dealings in the past.

But the time is now to make a small move. A very diversified move into a vacation fund that will put me in Peru in the next two years to sea the city in the sky first class.

So in conclusion. This is my advice. Invest now, but diversify greatly. Do not look at the big companies. Go to some of the smaller ones. Look into tech, aerospace and, cant believe I will say this. But look at green companies. Be prepared to leave your money in till 2013, before you pull money out.

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