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Friday, October 10, 2008 

Letter to The Jonge Socialisten

Jong Socialisten,

I object to the fact you think that you can come here to my country, The United States of America, and get involved in our political elections. Just who do you think you are? Do we as Americans send over groups to campaign for candidates in your country? No we do not! So what makes you think you have the right or the business to come here and run your European mouths and INTERFERE with our political process. Haven't you screwed your country up enough? Looking to screw over another country now?

Is it not enough that we saved your country twice in the last century from tyranny and oppression. Now you have the nerve to come here and interfere with us. You ungrateful little snotts!

It is bad enough we have supports for failed socialist policies here already in positions of power. Pushing more socialism upon us. We do not need you coming over here and bringing your socialist agenda even further upon the mush braincells of American youth.

I say this to you. Do not come here, stay home. You screwed up the Netherlands enough. Stay home and fix your own problems. We do not want nor need you coming here and creating more problems for us.

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