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Monday, October 13, 2008 

Larry Flint's new piece of trash

So now Larry Flint has no Bill Clinton to defend and the legal troubles of the democratic party are starting to come home to roost. So what does this piece of garbage propose and is getting ready to do?

A smear of a woman and those who ideologically oppose his view of smut. A porno about Gov. Palin. Now this is really a brave move for Larry ...... not. Seeing all he does is peddle in slime and innuendo. It is not conceivable to think that he would attack a conservative woman. Especially one who embodies what the NOW gang of feminazis would all be supporting if she were a registered democrat.

While no one looks at the lies, smears, and libel laws that Larry has violated and spun in his career as a smut peddler. He continues to hide behind the first amendment and get support form his cohorts in Washington on his actions. Why? They are afraid of his lies and smear tactics may be used against them or worse yet the truth may come out on their own perverted acts.

What does this mean for any one who opposes Larry Flint? Well it means he can smear and tarnish you by innuendo as long as he likes.

I would suggest that some time be invested and used to look into the age of Larry's models in his films. How he is possibly violating tax laws. The fact he tried to get his own daughter to pose for his smut and why some one shot him. Unfortunately they did not put an end to his perversion.

Lets face the truth. Larry Flint has absolutely no redeemable characteristics, or moral values. He is nothing more then a corner pimp and drug pusher. The one thing that makes one look his way is that he is forever to be confined to a wheel chair. A fate that is way to good for him in my opinion.

If Larry does not like what I say. I would be happy to take a sharpie and write it across his large grotesque forehead in bold lettering.

I do not like the fact he uses his position of a smut peddler to play power broker in the political frame. It degrades the Constitution. By his hiding behind the first amendment and being a operative for only ONE party is disingenuous. His false attitude of being fair is a joke. He is a peddler in flesh and lies. With all the corruption in the democratic party all this is is a cheap and tawdry attempt to deflect any light on the Democratic party. Not to mention a form of blackmail to keep his empire of smut up and running.

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