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Monday, October 06, 2008 

FOX's Bob Beckel

Of all then political pundit hacks that FOX news could have and has hired, why Bob Beckel. Here is a pundit that shows no restraint on his bias for any Democrat no matter where they are in the political spectrum. Beckel would support road kill if there was a bumper sticker that says Dem for office on it.

This failed campaign strategist list working for two failed runs at President and support for at least one of the worst if not the worst president in history Jimmy Carter.

One of Bobs claims to fame is that he squared off with a couple of construction workers that resulted with him getting a black eye. Yet when news teams looked into this no construction workers could be found. Makes one wonder if the black eye wasn't delivered by his wife trying to get him to shut up at dinner.

Beckel claims to be knowledgeable on issues yet when you listen to him he utterly ignores any facts and sides with the Democrat no matter what. His attempts at spin fall as short as his campaign strategies. It just doesn't cut it. So why has FOX hired this obvious hack?

Well in their fair and balanced policies they need a hack like this if only to prove how the left are such koolaid drinkers they could not realise that the sun comes up every morning unless they had been given talking points about it.

In the political section of the FOX website Bob has bee given a column or a blog you might say. Once again Bob opens his mouth to insert his foot. How does that cheap leather taste BOB? Take care of that nasty athletes foot problem?

Beckel now goes hard and heavy at Gov. Sarah Palin, once again. Here he clearly distorts and ignore facts. Facts that undermine his hypothesis of Palin being unqualified for the V.P. position and possible Presidency if something should happen to John McCain. He drudges up the Viet Nam war and things that happened during this time trying to link those events to Sarah Palin. How much spin is that?

When there are so many questions floating around on Obama. His campaign financing, associations, socialist agenda, Bob tries to get people to believe that Henry Kissinger and Sarah Palin are in a back room plotting world domination.

Bob Beckels ignoring of the facts on the economy. Something that FOX did an in depth report on last night. One in which the blame was clearly pointed out on BOTH parties and the people in those parties who are responsible for the mess now happening. Beckel still slings the koolaid that It is all the republicans fault and that Sarah Palin is a key part of this. His reasoning. The fact that Sarah Palin did not give answers at the debate with any specifics on this subject. Hey Bob, neither did your man Bidden. He glossed over it with the same talking points you make. False ones based on lies.

Finally Bob has the gaul to go after Gwen Ilif and her moderation of the Vice Presidential debate. Claiming she threw Gov. Palin only softballs. Allowing her to get by with answering with a non answer. I wonder if Bob even watched the debate.

Yes, I agree Sarah Palin should have been more specific, but the kid gloves were on Gov. Palin towards Joe Bidden. Bidden lied 14 times, with out doing any research the informed voter could spot them. Joe Bidden was allowed a second and third answer to the questions while Sarah Palin was cut off and the next question brought forth. Watch the video and see for your self.

FOX disappoints me. The fact they keep this buffoon employed is one thing, must be part of the charity clause in the FCC some where. But to give him status as a informed and reliable source for political analysis is another thing.

FOX is slipping down that slope to the position of the three networks. Becoming more and more non balanced.

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