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Sunday, October 05, 2008 

More platitudes from Obama

In a new twist on the economy, Barack Obama wants Americans to believe that John McCain is going to cause more people to loose their jobs and hurt the economy.

Having no basis for these claims and showing absolutely no plan to reverse a trend that Bill Clinton helped pass through and push with the very poor NAFTA agreement. It is true that jobs are being lost here in America. However with out any option or plan to put an end to outsourcing how does Obama plan to end this trend. He doesn't!

A plan of increasing taxes on corporations, which will only be passed onto the consumer. Will make companies looking to cut costs and maintain or increase profits go somewhere else. Outsourcing is the name for this. Other countries in an attempt to lure corporations to their markets offer lower taxes and benefits to these companies. What does Barack plan to do? Increase taxes, force higher overheads, and make doing business in America harder.

By being vague on his website, spinning press releases, and not being asked the questions by the press. The Barack campaign thinks it can hide the true nature of his socialist background and ideas. The truth is out there. All one has to do is take the time to read the transcripts, watch the youtube videos, then note what Barack is saying.

Obama's plan for the economy in this country is to nationalise as much of it as possible. By creating a downturn and forcing a panic of the consumer. Then he will step in with socialistic policies that create more dependence on government to control and run our lives.

This is not hope, but it sure is change. A change for the worse and a change to less freedoms. A change for more entitlements the tax payer has to provide for, and a change for socialism.

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