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Friday, October 10, 2008 

Obama, Economy, Common Sense

At a rally today Barack Obama said that "now is not the time for partianship, but for common sense." Now there is an oxy moron if I ever heard one. Use the term common sense and any form of government is definitely not using sense.

Lets face the facts here., This whole damn problem started by giving loans to those who had no purpose or reason getting these loans. Over 5 million illegal aliens are a huge chunk of the bankruptcy problem and then low income minorities are another. Now that being said there is still PLENTY OF BLAME for those in the upper middle income bracket as well. Trying to purchase a second and third home, or get that second or third mortgage when they DID NOT HAVE the means to do so.

Any banker or loan officer that approved these loans needs to be fired on the spot. From the Bank President on down to the clerk at the window. This is just stupid and irresponsible.

Now for that 50% that think Obama is better on the economic issues. I have to say this, "PUT YOUR DAMN HAND DOWN AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN FIANCES!"

This man is feeding you the largest load of horse hockey being sold today. LIES, LIES, LIES. Do some simple figuring of your own taxes. Add in any capitol gains you may earn, then look at your gross earnings, add more into daily expenditures (that would be food, gas, electric, a cup of coffee) you will be paying a hell of a lot more under his bogus platitudes then before. There is no way he can give 95% of the people a tax cut while increasing taxes to the Clinton era. This is an INCREASE, no way can it be considered a decrease. It is an increase, meaning more of, more money out of our pockets people.

Then for those of you who are like minded and think health care is a right and not a responsibility. How can you think that? Show me where in the Constitution where it says you have the right to health care. It doesn't, so don't look it is not in there.

Yet if Obama gets voted into office he will make it a right. Giving a 50% tax credit to companies? Who is going to pay for that? No the insurance companies will not pay for it. Don't even think that. It will get passed down to you and me the consumer. How you ask. Simple, the socializing of the health care system.

Oh this will be good. It will be like England and Canada. Ask your self this simple question. If England and Canada have such good health care systems, then why are they coming here to the U.S.A. for health care? Hmmmm?

As people are starting to panic with the aid of the MSM and other so called economic guru's advice. Now is not the time to think about raising taxes. If taxes go up, people slow down on spending. When spending slows down the economy slows down, creating a self created downturn that leads to a major depression.

Look at the market as it stands bow today. GM is moved to junk status. WHAT A BUY. Buy as much as you can now, it is time for it. Examine other stocks. Since the big wigs have sold off their shares get in now while it is cheap. IT WILL GO UP!!!!

The example of GM is one of the best. As the automobile industry moves into hybrid and alternative fuel cars. Think about it, get in near the ground floor now. Look to the aerospace industries as well. A manned mission to mars is coming and more men to the moon. Look to the companies in tech that are working with Europe and China on this, as well as America.

After all if it was not for the space race in the sixties we would not have the transistor. The transistor lead to the micro chip and our laptops.

The market may go down a little further but do not let this be a fear builder. Invest wisely and get in on or near the ground floor. Don't listen to the doom and gloom Obama crowd, who will raise your taxes. Increase the rate of inflation, and socialise all they can get their grubby hands on.

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