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Friday, November 07, 2008 

Adult oriented adds

Could this be the beginning of the lefts attack on the right blog sphere? Michelle Malkins among several other right leaning blogs have been posting ads that seem to be adult oriented. Although I do not personally see them as being presently to obnoxious. I do see that there is a fine line being walked at the moment.

I have gone top several minor right leaning blogs in my travels today and noticed that their adverts seem to be a little more adult themed or left leaning. I do not advertise here as I do this blog as a release in my daily frustration to get my voice heard. Many others advertise as to help fiance themselves.

My friend the Avenger over on his new blog is advertising. I mentioned to him about his averts and told him that they seem to be leaning to the left with democrat this and democrat that. His response was " Money is green and not conservative or liberal. As long as there is no smut I do not worry."

A positive capitalist attitude there. The Avenger has a posting on his theory of why the ads on certain blogs are this way. I ask you the reader to go and read his theory.


I'm new to this blog and Iam pleased with its content. It sums up the conservative movement.

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