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Friday, November 07, 2008 

Chris Mathews, delusional or plain ignorant?

Chris Mathews, a self proclaimed journelist has exposed himself for being ignorant of what a journelist is supposed to be. He claimed in an interview recently that his "job" as a journelist is to make the Obama Presidency go smoothly and be pro Obama in his coverage.

This is not what a journalist does. this is what a public relations person does. Mathews must have never read a definition of a journalist. If this is what he thinks his job is to be he is wrong. Well that is a fact we all know that he is wrong on many things. So should this statement surprise us? Yes it should. We look to the media to show some sort of neutral standing. However in the last two years we have been pounded with bias and one sided coverage on issues.

The so labeled fair coverage of events is nothing more then opening up then op/ed columns in the paper. This is what journalism has fallen to. There is no more reporting of news stories, but opinionated pieces of news related stories.

We should actually thank Chris Mathews for coming forth and exposing this lack of true journalistic integrity and misleading bias.

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