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Friday, November 07, 2008 

Oprah .." I have been set free!"

So now Oprah thinks she has been set free and can speak her mind on politics. In what world has she been hiding in. For anyone to think that she has been neutral on any topic is to lie to ones self.

Oprah's show has and always will be a liberal bastion of propaganda and unfair, one sided, discussion of feel good not think first issues. For her to now claim she can openly support one candidate over another is such a smoke screen. Her bias and lack of being any where fair and having a Republican on her show during this past campaign shows how she was in her own way censoring opposing views. She never had and still does not intend to be fair and give an opposing view a fair shake on her show. Nor will she ever. Should she cave in to s fraction of her viewers and invite Gov. Sarah Palin to come on her show, i predict it will be short of ambush talk.

Never trust Oprah for she is just another liberal trying to hide behind a smoke screen of being moderate in belief.

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