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Tuesday, November 04, 2008 

The Final Waltz has played

The final waltz has played, and the music softly fades away. The fat lady has sung her song and the light upon the hill flickers, about to go out.

Jack Murtha insults the base and calls them racist , bigots, and REDNECKS. Pelosi promises to correct the culture of corruption yet more corruption is entrenched in Washington under her. The lowest Congressional approval ratings in history, but the Dem's gain a larger majority.

Political correctness and equality (quotas) are promised by a Marxist. President elect Barack Obama. A man who we know nothing about. Why , because we were not allowed to ask about his past. Calls for an armed civilian security force, and a reduction in the military. Are the thugs we saw today in Philly. Members of the racist cult Black Panthers, a group that calls for the extermination of the white race by any means possible. Are they what will be the make up of this new civilian security force?

A call for higher taxes. Be patriotic and share your wealth. Even if the people you share with refuse to get off their fat butts and work. It is selfish not to give to them. Remember it is easier to continue to give a man a fish then to teach him to fish for himself. Socialism and dependency on the government to take care of you.

Standing up for your CHRISTIAN beliefs is hateful and oppressive. America is an imperialistic country despite the fact we have freed more people in history them any other country or combination of countries in history. America is bad and evil.

How dare you think that by using our natural resources. It is evil and killing the planet. Health care is a human right and not a responsibility. Soon it will be a human right to be supported and cared for by the few instead of ones self. Responsibility be damned! You are not responsible for your actions because there is someone with deeper pockets as you can blame for your lack of common sense and intelligence.

Several truisms are going to come from this election. One the world will test us and see for the first time the Untied States turn tail and run. Two, that for a few Americans, clinging to their religion and their guns will be all they have left.

The witch hunts will begin. There is no other way to describe what will happen under this leftist government YOU voted for. Conservatives are going to be prosecuted for thinking that being self sufficient and wanting to better themselves is a good thing. An end to opposing views as the Fairness in Broadcasting (censorship) will be jammed down our throats.

Truly a SAD, SAD, SAD day for America and the WORLD.

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