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Wednesday, November 05, 2008 

The smell of weakness

The smell of weakness is in the air. Our enemies can almost taste it now. The 2008 Presidential elections have put the scent of cowardice on the breeze. Make no mistake that this is what is being perceived and realised by those who have hated America and Freedom.

Russia is making the first move now as President Medvedev moves missiles to the boarder of the Baltic sea, and free nations.

Russia to deploy missiles near NATO border
Medvedev says move is response to U.S. plan for defense shield in Europe


This is in no way a protective strategic move on Medvedev's part. When he invaded Georgia it was not in defense but aggression. The world supported Barack Obama because they know he is weak. This is how the world looks upon us as a nation now. No longer with a backbone but full of appeasement.

Who is next in making their move upon the free world?

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