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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 

America 0, Obama and Terrorist 1

Here it begins. The complete submission to Islam and its oppressive ways. The fact that we have a war going on and a war has its rules does not matter to the left and its surrenderist.

Signing the executive order to close down Gitmo is the first major step in surrender for this country being lead by COWARDS AND TRAITORS. Both in the Republican and Democrat parties. A leftist movement to rewrite the rules and regulations of the Law of Warfare is now in full swing. Having those who do not like this country. A country, the only country in the world that would allow them to exercise such gaul and stupidity. Is going to take and grant civilian rights to enemy combatants.

Now we all know that under the Geneva convention these terrorist do not rate the same rights as that of a UNIFORMED military person. Yet the left has gotten their way to grant them these rights. Now they are moving and pushing for full civilian rights to what they determine enemy combatants. Rights that even our own personnel serving do not have. Remember for those who have served and signed that little piece of paper called a contract. You signed away knowingly certain rights. Our newly elected cowards now want to keep you from having these rights while granting them to those who wish to kill us.

Here is the problem with the closing down of Gitmo. One it now removes a key instrument in fighting these punks and thugs. Not allowing us (the military) to gather information, in order to prevent future attacks is ASININE.

By moving these murderers and criminals to America itself, putting them into the civilian courts is just a few steps from releasing them into the populace and letting them run-a-muck. With the bleeding hearts and left leaning socialist who hate America. Is there really anyone out there who thinks justice will be served by putting them in front of a jury that hates America first?

No, the jury of morons will listen to some liberal judge who has dismissed most evidence against these terrorist on false technicalities and the jury will dismiss, find innocent the murder of Americans by these camel jocks.

There is now really only one option left to Americas military. That is DO NOT TAKE PRISONERS. Prisoners will be allowed rights you do not have and released in your home neighborhoods next to your families. So do not take any alive.

The Laws, Rules and Regulations of warfare are very specific on this. Anyone found fighting on a battle field not in uniform is to be considered a spy. Spies have no rights under the convention and therefore can and should be executed on sight.

These terrorist hide among innocents, do not wear uniforms to identify themselves, and attack anything without care. A clear violation of the said rules. So why are we changing the rules to benefit them even further? Answer me this. Why is our government hamstringing the military even more then they already are? Just who's side is our government on anyways?

Americans wake up. Let me tell what is going to happen. Not only will these terrorist and islamofascist be released into American society by liberals. They will more then likely be given some sort of settlement made up of thousands dollars from our tax money. They will rejoice in the fact that they are free in America to commit more atrocities upon us. Why, because the American left wants this.

Placing these guys into our prison population will invite nothing but major, violent trouble.

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