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Monday, January 19, 2009 

Lulu Baines, Sister Sharon, and Elmer Gantry

The political remake of a classic snake oil salesman , his love, his misfortune, and his promises of hope and change will be portrayed in this new administration by Barrack Obama,Michelle Obama, and Nancy Pelosi.

As the anointed one spreads his silky smooth, healing words of righteous liberalism, belief in socialist economic practice, and the change in the Constitution from its founding to a more politically correct and less restrictive law on the government. the masses begin their vigil in Washington D.C. awaiting golden words from their new messiah.

With eager prayers and faith of the ignorant they come. Looking for someone to give them what they want. A hand out for bettering their lives and making things eager, but at who's expense? Not caring for the cost but demanding that which they are to blind to see. Freedom and equality, taxation with misrepresentation.

As a child I spoke as a child. As a man. I put away childish things.

Silver and golden laced words of do not worry I , we, the Government will take care of you. All you have to do is let us pass in secret legislation that denies you the fundamental rites once guaranteed by the founding fathers and those who bleed for this country.

Listen to my words but not the meaning. hear only what you will and rejoice at the collapse of America in the forward progressive onslaught of liberalism. the truth shall set you free while lies hold you still in chains.

Lulu Baines, played by Nancy Pelosi, will seduce the average American into sin full waste of taxpayer funds, while the soft angelic spun wisdom of the working mother, Sister Sharon staring Michelle Obama. Will attempt to ease the masses into a lull of faith in false hope.

The starring role of Elmer Gantry will be cast with no less then the messiah himself Barack Obama. The boisterous voice laced with the silky smooth enchantment of socialism, is going to tempt and persuade America to give change a chance as the Constitution with slight of hand is slashed and dismantled before your eyes. With the ease of a bottle of Castor oil and misdirection in slight of hand dealings with the press. Creating a new , more politically correct document that no longer resembles any facsimile of its original form.

Although as with most remakes today, the original is better and has less consequences to it. Will this new house of worship crumble in flame as the tent in the 1960 movie?

A house of cards built on lies,deceit, greed and false pride burn to the ground in righteous flames. Or will the new house of Obama ever be exposed to the blind masses still congregating out front looking for a sign of more hope and change. Looking for the alter of big government and fascism.

Only time will tell if the truth shall set us free or lies bind us.

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