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Saturday, January 17, 2009 

Weeks worst Headline Spin

This has to be the worst attempt, or should I say half hearted attempt to spin a news headline this lat week.

Rescue of U.S. banks hints at nationalization


Hints? We are now redefining the definition of Nationalization are we. Only those o the left and without an economic understanding of ECON 101 would have the nerve to say it only hints at a nationalization of the banking industry. In fact it does not hint at it, it clearly demonstrates that this is what is being done.

Any time the government buys into with the intent of running a business or industry it is NATIONALIZATION of said industry.

Time to wake up America. We already have a clear violation of the Constitutions authority by Senator Harry Reid. Someone who thinks that the senate is above the law. Possible violations by President Elect Obama, who may or may not be a citizen, (this line of thought will not go away until he releases his certificate of live birth and not some made up one on line. The state of Hawaii is an accessory to this.)

The MSM is doing its viewers and readers no service when they distort the story and spin it left wards. We are facing a complete shift from the America that is great and respected through out the world to an America that kowtows to foreign nations and has no respect at all by running a failed system of government: ie socialism.

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