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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 

Vigilantes on the border

It would appear that enough kidnapping and extortion in Mexico close to the United States border has some people saying that it is time to take the law into their own hands. The question is how long with the lack of the American government to enforce the law before this spreads into the States?

In CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico. Over 1600 people were either kidnapped or murdered by the drug gangs last year alone. Bringing the total up to 5,700 people in Mexico last year. A hell of a lot more then died in Iraq fighting a LAWFUL ACTION. Yet the press and the liberals ignore these figures.

As several groups emerge to take the lead that the Mexican government cannot do to corruption. "Juarez Citizen Command" said it was funded by local businessmen sick of abductions and extortion in the city, home to factories that export goods to the United States.
"Businessmen United, The Death Squad" put a video on Internet site YouTube last June threatening to go after kidnappers and criminals in Ciudad Juarez. (The video has been pulled by youtube.)

Now a body was found on January 7 with a message next to it that read: "This is for those who continue extorting." And another six men in their 20s and 30s were shot dead and dumped together in Ciudad Juarez in October with a cardboard sign reading: "Message for all the rats: This will continue."

To some this is not a good sign, (the local police and the drug cartels). However these groups are doing the only thing they have left as an option. Taking the law and enforcing it with extreme prejudice.

"We cannot tolerate the presence of these type of faceless, anonymous groups," said Manuel del Castillo, a spokesman for the state government. Yet when questioned as to the lack of progress being made against the drug and criminal institutes in Mexico he had no substantive answer.

In Ciudad Juarez, some residents have said that they would welcome vigilantes. "That way they would stop the gangs, the mafia. People are leaving here because of so many murders," said David Hinojosa, 30, who shines shoes in the city.

At least two other groups calling themselves vigilantes have sent statements to news organizations in the past two months, one in the northern state of Sonora bordering Arizona, and the other in the Pacific state of Guerrero, home to the beach resort of Acapulco.

Ciudad Juarez has been rocked by gun battles and beheading by rival gangs fighting over smuggling routes into Texas, despite the presence of around 3,000 troops and federal police.
Leading many to believe that the military is moonlighting as hit men for the cartels.

Now for the questions you will not get the American press to ask.

1) With the pro open border appointment of Janet Napolitano to Sec. Of Homeland Security, will she order American laws enforced by ICE and the Border Patrol enforced?

2) As these murders and kidnappings become more frequent here In the states. Will people here demand that the laws are enforced?

3) Seeing how Americas government is not particularly interested in securing the border will vigilantes make an appearance on our side of the border?

4) With this new world order being pushed upon us will our government continue to pursue protecting law breakers and punish those who only want to live in a FREE and SAFE America?

5) How long will it be before vigilantes do what the law and elected officials refuse to do?

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