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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 

Democratic Political Circus

As the crowds begin together in Washington awaiting the great ring master to take center stage next week. It would seem that the hope and change promised to this country and to the world is still being lead by the CLOWNS.

Yes that is right all the animals have been released back into the wild, the acrobats are not here. What we have are the clowns. Everybody loves a clown right? Especially when they are reaching into our pockets , grabbing our wallets and then spraying us in the face with seltzer water.

So what are the clowns doing to entertain the masses. Well it would seem that the ring master at the moment may be Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., chairman of the Judiciary Committee. What is he doing you ask?

Well he is starting to take center stage in an effort to get the liberal left to be distracted from the real issues like the economy, how Obama is meeting with those who want to kill us. Playing the fake magician in order to keep attention away from the failed and soon to fail again shovels to pavement actions of tired old failed liberal tax and more tax and spend spend spend policies that are assuredly going to ruin this once great country. He has the chairs being brought in and the tables set up under the oncoming flood lights, center ring. What all liberals and leftists have been screaming for with false accusations and mass conspiracy theories since 9/11.

Yes that is correct the democrats are looking into another politically motivated commission to inquire as to the legality of the Bush administrations use of legal power to defend this country against those who attack us and would kill us.

Democrats seek criminal probe of Bush 'abuses'


Drunk with their own presumed power the democratic party is wasting no time in jamming down our throats real oppressive legislation. Their cohorts in the MSM are ignoring and refuse to shed light on anything that these , the real fascist, are doing. Sugar coating all that they do with the lies and spun stories of government needs to run our lives for us and if it only saves one child.

Stand by for the biggest, most expensive, worthless act to come to Washington ever.

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