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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 

Obama moves further to capitulation

Does anyone else remember that during the campaign how the Obama staff spun certain policies and directions of Obama as pure republican lies? The fact that Hillary Clinton warned us, (of all people It was her) that lead the way in exposing Obama's lack of foreign policy experience?

Remember when it was spun even though there was video evidence on you tube of how Obama wanted to disarm the American Military and make this country open for any two bit dictator to attack? Well here we have it it is beginning. Obama is being exposed for the truth. His policy of anti Americanism is under way. First he has deemed that the closing of Gitmo and the granting of civilian rights to the enemy is a good thing. Now on the Presidential website he is saying he will TALK TO IRAN WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS. I thought and am sure his spin doctors had assured us this was not true, yet there it is on the web site that he will speak to them with no preconditions.

The next move in destroying this country is the move to eliminate our nuclear capabilities. He, Obama that is. Has issued with the advice of Joe Biden (some real Einstein there huh), to dismantle , stop production and replacement of any and all nuclear weapons and defense capabilities.

FOREIGN POLICY : http://www.whitehouse.gov/agenda/foreign_policy/

The third part of his dismantling of America is the nonsense of Global warming Myths. He’ll also make the U.S. a leader in the global effort to combat climate change by leading a new international global warming partnership. Nothing more then an approval of the Kyoto fiasco that was nothing more then a new tax on American citizens to maker up for other countries not willing to reduce their carbon footprints, China, India, the third world.

58 million Americans voted against this man. More then any other in history, yet he was elected by the uninformed and uneducated who have their hands out looking for someone to take care of them. Instead of taking responsibility for themselves. Well it is here. The question is how long will they be allowed to keep their hands out when it is decided that their support is no longer needed in the big picture of the left.

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