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Thursday, January 22, 2009 

Post Racial America? LOL

Are you kidding me? Any one out there really believe that this country is entering a new enlightened era where racism is dead? Com'on , pull your head out of the sand. This country is more racial today then it was in the 60's.

No it is not racism from the "redneck illiterate whites" either, but coming right out of educated guilt ridden white and black people.

If you honestly believe that this past election had no racial elements to it I have land in Florida at a cheap price for you to buy. The presidential race was dominated with a racial overtone that permeated to the very bottom of the election.

Evidence of this goes to the Obama campaign who continued to bring up the issue of race as a non issue in the campaign. thus projecting it to the very front of the issues. by trying to spin Obama as being black to black voters and white to white voters, especially in Kansas. they made racism a major issue.

Now that President Obama has been elected, racism is not just rearing its ugly head, but is being flaunted in the faces of those who did not give it any substance during the election.

The so called party of unity is doing all it can by not saying anything or condemning the insulting racial remarks of activists and thugs.

Examples of this can go back to the first part of November 2008 when a black speeder was pulled over for breaking the speed limit law and telling the officer he had no right to do so because the President is now Black and that he was white.

We are being flooded with racial overtones from so called talent. Basically those who call themselves entertainers with no talent what so ever. Making rhymes that are not just vulgar, but racial in every aspect and degrading to all. These entertainers have no talent and resort to school yard poetry that most children quit using after they leave the fifth grade. Yet these entertainers were invited to inaugural balls and to the White House itself. Some message of unity there.

We have pundits blogging racial quotas in and hatred as what new policy needs to be. Robert Riesch calls for no contracts in the stimulus package to be awarded to any WHITE MALE contractors as they don't need the work. If that is not a racial statement, racism is being redefined.

Rappers who flaunt the use of the word nigger and saying it is OK for them to use it but no one else can. Is this not a double standard? Yes it is. It most certainly is a double standard as the insulting use of white bread, honky, cone head , slope, chink, spic, wet back are used in every day conversation. These are all racial epitaphs as well. So where is the outrage at that. Oh well it is not the rappers culture there fore it is OK to use. All the while the MSM and White House stands quietly by and allows this to happen and smiles and smirks.

Hey news to those in the media. Guess what. You are not excluded in these insults of racism. It is directed towards you as well. Just because you have no backbone and speak out does not mean you are being left out of this racism, dummies.

As I have walked down the streets of Denver I have been subject to these racial slurs for no other reason then the color of my skin. But at last I have thick skin and sticks and stones yadda, yadda. I point out this hypocrisy of the left, to expose the double standards that they are imposing on the rest of us. A do as I say not as I do mentality.

I can use the insulting racial terms as good or better then those who claim to be unifier's. However I do not choose to look at ones skin color but judge that person on their character. It is ones character that determines their worth. Not their ethnicity.

In reality the moderates and those on the right of the political spectrum are the ones who are willing to unify, not diversify. We do not look superficially at one but at what make that one respectable.

As long as these racist are allowed to behave and run around making these statements, then this country will not move forward but only sink into the quagmire of ethnic hatred.

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