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Friday, January 30, 2009 

The Left pressures the RINO's

After an amazing show of solidarity form the Republican party in the House. A Republican unanimous vote of NO against the pork filled stimapolooser. The bill as we know went on to pass with a majority of liberal votes and a lack of economic understanding. An agenda of liberal socialist program laden with tax payer funds moved to the Senate.

Now the left and the anti American crowd are ratcheting up the propaganda and lies on RINO's in the Senate and it does appear that they are playing heavily on the fears of being voted out of office. The attacks begin with an add campaign against who else. That's right attack the man who tells the truth and exposes the left extremists and their socialistic ways, Rush Limbaugh.

Trying to down play the correct vote in the House by all Republicans and the bipartisan help of the newly black balled 11 Democrats who stood up against this debacle. The left, more specific moveon.org radicals backed by the leftist Georgy Sorros. They are trying to convince the RINO's that a no vote on this stimolapolooser can cost them a reelection.

The lies and false hoods being perpetrated by the left knows no bounds. Spend , spend and more spending on political payback for support during the last election and programs that WILL NOT stimulate the economy but hurt it by creating larger dependency on the government instead of individual responsibility is the plan. To show how desperate they are in their effort to pass this pork laden bill. The left are going after Rush Limbaugh and doing a typical spin and twisting of a Rush quote.

The quote of , "I hope he fails", is what is taken out of context and is being twisted to pressure the RINO's. A call of HOLD THE LINE, is being cry ed out to the RINO's however it does look like they may cave to the fear of loosing their jobs. Harry (I am a thief) Reid is leading the way in trying to convert any semblance of a moderate to the left way of thinking.

The message is clear and people are waking up to the snooze fest they have been spelled under. This country is clearly divided into two camps. Those who want a handout and those willing to give a hand up. If these RINO's want to maintain their plush, cushy Washington jobs, then the vote is clear and not negotiable. The Senate must vote no to this spending bill and not cave in to the left. A guarantee of being ousted is mostly assured come 2010. The grassroots effort that will be created to get these RINO's out of office will be over whelming.

Over the next two years the Republicans must consolidate and show a unified front against this wave of socialism. They cannot give in to any of the proposed welfare programs and junk science being bounced around in to every bill. Americans are seeing that the MSM and other pro socialist groups are lieing to the people. 2010 can be an overwhelming pro American election by sweeping into office those who would be fiscally responsible and put America first. But this can only be accomplished if conservatives HOLD THE LINE.

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