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Thursday, January 22, 2009 

Letter to Vice President Biden

Mr. Vice President Biden,

Sir, it falls not only upon me but upon all Americans who still have some respect for the office that you now hold. I remind you Sir that this office is being loaned to you through the will of the people and the people alone.

It is a privilege that you serve as Vice President of the Greatest Country on the planet. It is not an entitlement of some myths of senatorial seniority that you are allowed to be there. The fact that historically your ticket won the election, does not change the fact that also historically you had more votes against you then any before.

You are not there to represent only those who voted for you. It is your MANDATE to represent those who did not vote for you as well. You are not Vice President of only the left in this country. You are the Vice President of the United States of America. That means both sides of the political spectrum. Not just the ones you choose.

Your little acts of attempted humor at the expense of those whom you refuse to acknowledge to represent is not only disgusting but disgraceful as well. It not only shames the office you now hold but it shames this country in the eyes of the world.

You make little snide remarks as to professionalism by others yet every time you step in front of the camera you demonstrate a severe lack of preparedness on your own part. These little flubs may have been given a pass during the election and your time on the senate floor. However as the sitting Vice President you are no longer afforded the luxury of being forgiven for your crude and gutter political humor, but your not being prepared to speak. Totally unprofessional.

It is high time Sir, that you grow up and be the person that you claimed to be during the campaign. That is a responsible adult. One that is going to represent all of the people , all of the time. Not just a select group of the people when you feel like it.

A piece of advice. Get a comedy writer to write your jokes for you. You are a politician, not a comedian.

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