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Saturday, January 31, 2009 

A truly historic election

Yes it is truly an historic election. A black man has been elected to office. He has taken charge. He was voted in on ability and character, not on the color of his skin. No I am not refering to the Presidential election at all. I am refering to the election that placed a QUALIFIED man into the position of authority in the RNC, former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele.

Now where are the massive parties and celebrations to this monumental achievement. Why is the press not heralding this as a blow against racism and part of the fulfillment to Martin Luther Kings dream? Oh yeah it is because Michael Steele is a conservative.

The lack of the press to follow up on this speaks volumes to their bias and lack of fairness in reporting events to the people. Here we have a man who based on his values, personal character , and moral compass. Has taken charge of the Republican National Committee.

The news would be wise to follow this man and the real change and hope that he will bring to the conservative movement. Not just platitudes to those who have empty heads and messiah beliefs. A grass roots effort is now ready to begin to bring back to this great nation sensibility and common sense.

A leader has been put into place that knows that the change needed is not capitulation to the left and the enemies of this country. A chance for hope to raise its head and bring morals , values, economic fiscal responsibility back to Washington D.C.

Congratulations to Michael Steele, and to the conservative movement.

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