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Monday, March 02, 2009 

Colorado set to screw the taxpayer

As the MSM continues to tell us just how grateful we should be for having a liberal legislature. The Governor of Colorado shows his appreciation by signing into law a new fee hike on the Colorado tax payer.

After several years of bypassing and circumventing the TABOR amendment, Colorado liberal democrats have found yet a new way to stick it to those who work hard and try to make a living.
Colorado State tax on gasoline is supposed to go to the funding of repair and maintenance of the States highways, bridges and other roads. Yet mismanagement of state funds has left the allocation for these projects short. So instead of doing the right and correct thing. A look at the budget and a cutting of programs that are black holes. Colorado democratic lawmakers have proposed a new tax to grab money from the pockets of the people.

A raise in the fees to register ones vehicle is to be signed into law today by Gov. Bill "money grabber" Ritter. In a big p.r. move to try and raise support for yet another money grab . Ritter will sign this raise in fees at a bridge in Thorton. This bridge is one of 126 that are in need of repair. The claim by Democrats is that it will create thousands of jobs, a claim that the left make on all new taxes this year. Is yet another misleading lie. Money for these projects is already earmarked in budgets from the state and from the federal porkulus spending bill. While Colorado expects to get $500 million from Washington for transportation funding as part of the massive stimulus package. So why are we raising fees to register vehicles?

It is simple. More income for the state means more welfare spending for the state. More mismanaged budgets. In this new era of fiscal irresponsibility by our Federal Government the states are jumping on board with their own poor judgment. All of it at the expense of the honest hard working tax payer. This plan, known as faster (Funding Advancement for Surface Development and Economic Recovery), proposes to raise over $250 million additional dollars.
AN increase of $31 dollars the first year and then an additional increase up to $42 dollars in the immediate years to follow.

Speaking in defense of the bill, Rep. Joe Rice, D-Littleton, maintained that with the state's existing budgetary constraints, fees are the only way to ensure the safety of Colorado’s transportation infrastructure.

On a side note to this fee increase. Governor Ritter and liberal Representatives fail to realise that they are also doing the tourist industry of Colorado a disservice. A $2 day fee is being placed on the rental of vehicles. Now knowing that you are going to face higher gas prices and an increase in daily expenses, top that off with an additional fee for renting a vehicle. Why in the world would you travel to Colorado now?

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