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Friday, March 20, 2009 

Is SCOTUS in the tank?

What is happening to our country. When tyrants in Congress screw up and then blame the private citizen for their mistake. To help in covering behind closed door legislation that takes away freedoms and rights once provided by the Constitution.

Pushing laws, rules, and regulations that our founding fathers fought against in order to create the greatest country on the planet. Playing the blame game on corporate America in an angle that hides the culture of corruption being propagated by the liberal socialist hiding under the guise of the Democratic party.

The GIVE act, reduction in military budgets. Removal of key programs that would enhance our military and keep it as the most advanced on the planet (F-22). The blatant ignoring of the Monroe Doctrine concerning foreign powers colonising the Western Hemisphere, ( Russia and China in Central and Southern America).

A President who says the buck stops with him (pretending to be like President Truman, but failing miserably). Should he not be in Washington demonstrating and using his leadership skills in this time of crisis?

Where is SCOTUS in all this? Why are they silent and dismissive of certain legal challenges to what is happening? What will they say to the latest UNCONSTITUTIONAL bill passed by Congress. A clear violation of the bill-of-attainder clause is one of the Constitution. A clause that is seldom used or imposed, but one that is very important in the protection of the individual.

Will SCOTUS stand for the people and the Constitution in which they are sworn to uphold and protect? Or will they bow low to the progressives who seem to think that their position of elected status puts them above the law and the average American?

We are living in some very scary times. When President Obama was nominated for the candidacy of the Democratic party, I and others warned of the dangers he possessed. However could we have imagined the fact that those in Congress would rally to him and blatantly push such an anti American agenda in which enforcement of the law is UN AMERICAN ( Nancy Pelosi on law enforcement and immigration).

Two thirds of our government (legislative and executive branch) is out of control from the people. Will the final third (The Supreme Court) stand up and be counted , or will they knuckle under and betray this country as well?

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