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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 

Meghan McCain: Another RINO

Meghan McCain is the one who does not get it. She sits in her spotlight and calls for the Republican party to be more centrist. Here we go again , yet another wannabe Conservative Republican calling for conservatives to give up their values and no longer stand for principles.

Here is a news flash for Meghan. Your father lost the election do to the fact he abandoned conservative principles and values. It was his choice and his beliefs. Nothing wrong with that if that is what he believes in. However here is fact for her. her father only gained momentum when he brought a Conservative to the game. Gov. Sarah Palin. This helped to bring the "base" back into her fathers corner. However her fathers views still alienated many of the base. Myself included. The only reason I voted Republican this time was do to Gov. Palin.

Meghan and her fellow RINO's need to realise that when they give up their principles and values for popularity that they are no better then those whom they claim to oppose on the left. A shift in their core, moving closer to the left does not solidify the conservative base at all. This is the problem in the Republican party now. Way too many who think that the abandonment of principle for popularity will win elections.

The Republican party is full of "centrists", or moderates. This is not what is needed. These people have demonstrated time and time again that they are willing to give up responsible position and common sense to reach across the isle and capitulate to the left. Then standing up and calling it bipartisanship. What a farce. A joke that is not all that funny in reality as it hurts this country not helping it.

Now some advice to Meghan. If you want to be a "moderate" that is fine but do not try to convince the rest of us that you are a conservative Republican. This is not just lying to yourself but to the rest of us. If it is one thing you should know. The American people really did not care that Clinton fooled around, but we would not accept the fact he tried to lie about it. This is why he is dogged to this day about his interns and his relationships. We can forgive certain transgressions, but not intentional deceit.

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