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Thursday, March 12, 2009 

Obama and the Border

President Obamanation has eluded that there may be a possibility of putting troops on the border. Why, well an acknowledgment of the violence that IS spilling over into America from Mexico. However he said it would be the national Guard and did not give any real details.

He also mentioned that there were other outlets that were being looked at end explored. What possibly could these be? All you ave to do is listen to what he said. He made note of the fact drugs come north from Mexico, but emphasised that we send money and GUNS south. The emphasis being on the guns.

Why is this important? Well being debated is HR45. I have mentioned this bill before. It is an attack on the second and fourth amendments of the Bill of Rights. We know that President Obama favors legislation that would make anyone who defends their home with deadly force the criminal and that the one invading the home the victim. He also favors the restriction of firearm ownership.

What we have to watch out for now is how he plans to approach the question of protecting Americans from a threat along the border. I think he is more apt to hinder and hamstring Americans then protect the sovereignty of this Country. I say look for more proposals to limit the rights of gun ownership and home protection laws to be reviewed.

Then anyone else remember when the National guard was on the border how they were left weaponless and not able to defend the border from invasion. The incidents of Mexican, possibly military coming across and pointing weapons at them on U.S. soil? Look for more of that too before he protects the border for real.

Can we really believe that he wants to protect the border when he has put into his cabinet open border supporters and reconquista activists. No way. The border is going to become a real mess and look for Obama to help lead the way in making it worse.

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