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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 

United Nations Hear my VOICE!!!

As a so called "citizen of the world", Mr. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. I find your insult of calling Americans deadbeats to be that of the pot calling the kettle black.

For how many years has the United Nations operated only through the good grace of the United States of America Sir? For how many times has the United Nations cowards in fear and come crawling to the United States of America for protection of its personnel? How many times has the United Nations cry ed for the United States to send in its men and women to stop tyranny and oppression Sir? HOW MANY? HOW LONG? Since day ONE Sir, that's Day one.

It is only through the Grace of God and the United States citizens that you Sir even have a job, let alone a failed political podium to hide behind and hurl insults from. It is only by the grace of the American people that you have a place to force your opinion and mythical agenda from.
By mythical I refer to the global warming pseudo science you preach. ignoring those who spend their lives studying this concept and fail to conclude the same earth ending conclusions.

If we are truly all citizens of the world. Then maybe it is high time you call upon some of the other citizens to pick up the slack, the bills, and pay with the lives of their young your ever growing debt.

You might want to consider a change of scenery and permanent residence for your political correctness and hatred for the one group of citizens that have proven them selves over and over again the only ones who play by the rules and defend your pathetic organization. Say like the Middle East.

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