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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 

What would J.F.K. do??

The liberal left elitist like to hold up John F. Kennedy as an example of what they claim they are doing and that they are trying to follow his ideals. Yet if you sit down and take the time to read Kennedy's policies and what he was about, you find that J.F.K. would be considered an extremist on the right in comparison to what we have now in the Democratic party.

It was October 22, 1962. A Monday at approximately 7 p.m. The televisions in homes were turned on and the volume up as many were sitting down to or finishing up with their evening dinner. President Kennedy came on the screen and informed America that the Soviet Union was building up military capabilities in Cuba, including the installation of nuclear missiles, and the facilities to launch them.

On October 16Th President Kennedy was given Intel pictures taken from a U-2 spy plane. These pictures showed that just ninety miles off the coast of Florida in Cuba missile bases being built.

On the 18Th Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrei Gromyko, stated the weapons were for defensive purposes only.

Sunday, October 21, the President spent the entire day conferring with his advisers. Two main military options were under consideration:

1) a surgical air strike against the bases or

2) a naval blockade of Cuba. The President chose the blockade, which would be labeled a "quarantine."

In his address, on October 22ND. The President explained the threat, announced his decision to blockade, and stated the U.S. would consider any missile launched from Cuba as an attack by the U.S.S.R.

The world stood silent and cringed. We were on the edge of a nuclear confrontation.

President Kennedy stood tall and did not waver in his glare back into the eyes of the Soviet war machine.

Fast forward to today and a little further south. Hugo Chavez, a pi on dictator from Venezuela is now the Castro of our times. The Soviet Union is not the powerhouse it once was but it is nothing to poo poo. It is lead by a die hard, casts in wool ex K.G.B. officer. Vlad Putin. The puppet leader, Medvedev is only a mouth piece for Putin.

The Russians are building with e aid of Hugo air bases to refuel , store and service long range bombers that carry nuclear missiles. Hugo has also built a Kalashnikov rifle factory that is supplying Latin America , the drug cartels, and fifth column enemies of Democracy and freedom with weapons.

The threat is as great today as it was in 1962. The safety of American soil, and our way of life is under assault. Not just from within by a socialist demigod like Obama. But it is under threat from Socialist from South America aided by the Socialist of Russia. The threat is real and is growing.

What would John Kennedy do about this?

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