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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 

How to get Congressional action

How do you get Congress, that is the house and the senate to get up and do something? You expose them for the frauds, their inept abilities, and their lies that they commit.

This false outrage over their carefully constructed plan, is a prime example of it. It has been exposed for the underhanded, keep the people in the dark, pass what ever we can get away with actions. AIG came out a year ago and announced these bonuses. Sec of "tax cheats" Geithner, was working wall street during the breakdown and unethical practices. Sen. Dummy Dodd, wrote the amendment that went into the stimulus bill that allowed for legal protection of these bonuses. His denying the fact proves that he either is a LIAR, or that if as he says did not know, proves he is INCOMPETENT and needs to be removed immediately from his position for lack of understanding and oversight .

Now we have a movement under way to write tax law and subject those who received these bonuses to UNCONSTITUTIONAL taxation. The last time we had so m many Representatives and Senators in front of the Camera they were all scrambling for face time to denounce the 9/11 attacks.

People we have an underground movement in our elected officials to either destroy America from within or that they are proof that our educational system has been broken a lot longer then we ever thought. It is a sad state of affairs.

Congress seems to only move and attempt to do anything when they are exposed for the INCOMPETENCE that they are so over qualified with. The only thing sadder then Congress is the people who keep voting these IDIOTS back into office.

If we want Congress to act and do something then we must continue to expose their agenda. We must continue to demonstrate their incompetence. It really is not all that hard. All we need to do is turn the Tivo on and record every time that they go on the air and speak. Then paste it all over you tube.

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