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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 


Barney Frank has to be the second, if not the biggest joke in Washington. It is close though with all the other laughable people in office. However Barney's disdain for the safety of others today during the hearings was not only despicable but disgusting.

When Edward Liddy read of the death threats being sent to the public/private citizens of the AIG corporation, Frank dismissed them as no big deal. Saying that people get those all the time. That they are not that big of a deal.

This is not true, it is a big deal. When someone wants to take piano wire ( like what the Nazi's used in many cases) to lynch those they are mad at. It then becomes something serious.

The fact that Barney Frank would be the first to scream and cry at the top of hi lungs if someone threatened him or his family. More then likely receiving federal agents to not only provide at tax payer expense protection but investigating the threats, then prosecuting them. Frank thinks as long as it is someone else it is no big deal.

This is more proof, evidence of the elitism that prevails among the Democratic party in Washington. Of how they think that only they are important. That they are better then everyone else. It is time for Frank to go.

Barney it is time for you to step down and go to wherever it is that creeps like you disappear to.

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