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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 

Should we connect these dots?

Remember back on the campaign trail. Then Presidential candidate Obama said in Colorado Springs that we need a homeland security force that is just as well funded and trained as the military. To be as well equip and just as funded.

Dot number one: Homeland security force.

Recent quote from the grass roots effort to win support for President Obama's socialist take over economy plan.

Dot number two:"We're not looking for a fight. That will come later, when we have an army."

Congress vote in favor of the GIVE act.

Dot number three: March 20TH $6 billion funded to the volunteerism bill known as the GIVE act. A mandatory community service act that imposes conscripted service to country.

The new call for firearm control in the name of protecting citizens by disarming them.

Dot Four: H.B. 45

Sec of Homeland Defense Napolitano, A.G. Holder, saying it is Americas fault for the drug cartel murders along the border because we have a Second Amendment.

Dot Five: Drug Cartels have weapons that the American Citizen can not purchase, but we are to blame for their armament.

North Dakota is experiencing massive flooding. Kentucky suffered life taking freezing weather. Where was FEMA and the Obama administration.

Dot Six: Lack of FEMA action in this years two natural disasters to date.

Just a few things that are happening that are of concern and should be noticed. No need in putting down the economic fiasco dots and administration appointee blunders that are happening. Or the cover up being staged by Barney Frank and his ilk on the bailout theft.

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