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Sunday, March 22, 2009 

The Tanner Gun Show

Once again the Tanner Gun show came into Denver on its annual trek to provide another source of second amendment for the citizens of Colorado. As I have done for the last four years I went. This time even earlier then before. The show opens at 9 A.M. so I got there at 0930. No place to park. A distinct difference then the last couple of years.

The next thing of notice that was easy to spot was all the people who were leaving with cases of ammo. Something that was not real abundant last year of before. When I say people leaving with cases I mean cases. Two and three men groups all caring boxes and boxes of ammo.

The next item of note was the amount of AR -15's that people had. Sure I have seen many people buy this fun rifle before but not like this. One fellow was sitting out front of the main entrance of the show with two brand new AR's waiting on his friend who came out with two as well. Now the prices on these are somewhat overinflated because of the recent demand for them. This is brought on do to the fact President Obama and his A.G. seem to think that these are real dangerous and a threat to the national security of Mexico.

A new ban on this weapon is expected to go in to play come June. Along with several other 2ND amendment restrictions.

I must admit that as an avid shooter who has not been able to go and do any plinking of late, I wanted to see what the crowd was going to be like and what their thoughts were. I didn't have to ask anyone what was on their mind. It was evident with their actions. By noon there were several vendors closing up their little shops and getting ready to leave. Why, they were sold out of their goods. Now this was Saturday, the first day of the two day show. They were sold out in 1/4 of the time.

Another area that I saw being more heavily trafficked then before was the book sales. Mainly those which dealt with survivalist ideas and self protection of the home. The how to live off the land group. I was interested in a copy of the Anarchist cookbook but the price was in my opinion unreasonable for a book that has been around since at least the seventies.

Yes there were the collector booths , and the skilled leather tanner booths. Some very nice work available at again a higher then normal price. I did notice alot of second hand holsters and the cheap ones being pushed off as the next greatest thing. But what was really buzzing was the shell casings for reloads.

Brass to be used again and again. To the person who has the time and enjoys this. (I did until I lost my reload gear somewhere in a move). Brass is always good to get your hands on. I found it a little funny however. Every year there is a man and I should get his name and card . Mention it here ( a little free advertising for him ). He comes to the show and sells some very nice sports bags, back packs, and tote bags. A lot of people I noticed were purchasing his bags so that they had something to carry the extra ammo and brass out of the show in.

I had hoped to find some ammo for my M-1 Carbine, but I just did not see any there. I did look at some .45 ammo but 100 rounds for $50 dollars was a bit steep to say the least. I had to laugh at that price. I know there was more at a lower price there. Matter of fact I talked to several guys who were counting their ammo to make sure that they had gotten a full case in the ammo cans that they purchased. Still there was a run on the ammo sales. People were more then happy to pay the over inflated prices. Especially when the local Wal Marts and gun shops around Denver just do not have ammo.

In general the mood of the crowd was that of a heard on the verge of stampede. Many looking at each other and waiting for someone to bolt or shout "To Arms Brethren".

Is this attitude justified or is it mere paranoia? Well when you consider the policies that are being pursued in Washington. Then it is not necessarily paranoia. A well armed citizenry is what keeps a government honest, and free of tyrants.

This rant is idiotic. Guns provide safety like bank robberies provide cash: have fun living in the short term instead of the long.

How about the guy who got shot at the Tanner gun show last weekend? How about that Tanner sold Klebold and Harris the guns that were used in Columbine?

You gun nuts hide behind your 2nd amendment without ever considering it: the right to bear ARMS. Not guns, ARMS. Does the government also grant you weirdos the right to bear nuclear arms? No, because there are some weapons that conspiracy-theory militia wackos cannot handle. Evidently, handguns are the best example of this type of weapon.

I wonder what articl;e you read. there is no rant in this posting. It has observations of what was happening. As far as the man who shot himself at this last weekend tanner guin show. A year later has no connection to this posting. You're assumtion that guns do not provide any safety is a weak and lost argument. To compare this to a bank robvber providing cash is apples to oranges. It is no comparison.

I wonder how you will feell when the I.R.S. comes after you for not buying health insurance next year and your taxes are unreasonbly higher then last years.

The fact that an armed citizenry prevents governmental tryanny is a truth not a myth. I also would like to point out that if yuou ask any criminal they will tell you if that they know a home owner has a gun insode and is home. They will not go inside. So as you tuck yourself in at night. Lock your windows and doors. They will slow down an intruder for no more then 30 seconds, less if it is a pro. Nighty night, pleasent dreams.

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