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Monday, March 23, 2009 

Socialism finds new cover?

The P.R. campaign is in full swing and the distortion/slight of hand is in full swing. Not just from Washington inside supporters for Obama and his socialism but all across the nation. It would seem that the use of new terms in describing the assault on Capitalism is the game plan.

Now we see the use of "unequal pay" as the key term in the redistribution of wealth. Still playing the old class warfare card it takes a new approach in trying to appeal to the meek of mind. By playing on the uneducated and misrepresenting the cost of living in certain areas of the country. The socialist are hoping to create massive support for their redistribution of wealth. The punishment of those who strive to achieve , while rewarding those who don't.

The argument that the left misstate this time around is that people in say New York make so much more then those who live in Forrest City Iowa. While on the surface the argument looks solid, but like all ice covered lakes in spring it is only an illusion and one needs to be ready to tread water when crossing.

The main part left out of the argument is the cost of living in the two places. How they differ. While the economy in Arkansas provides that a person making $70,000.00 a year lives very well yet a person in New York would be hard pressed on this income. This is reality. The cost of living in New York, Chicago, Los Angles is so much higher then Little Rock, Forrest City, DeBuoque, etc.

Part of the cover being used is the myth that stock holders have no say in the salaries of the CEO's of the companies. What Obamantion and his cronies are proposing is the limit in salaries for those executives who receive bailout money, but It does not stop there. The proposal continues on to all companies across the board. Again stating that it is not fair that all executives make money. The supporting arguments are that the stock holders do not make as much as the executives. It is not fair they claim.

Well , DUUUUUHHHHHH! A stock holder may have a supporting interest in a certain company but the stock holder is not working like the executive. The stock holder has only a small piece of the pie here, not the whole pie. What Obamanation hopes to create is a system in which all stock holders make as much as the CEO does. This will eliminate all profit of said companies. It will also increase the class difference in the economic system we have. To use the liberal argument of unequal pay. The workers then are entitled to make as much money as the executives. Even though the job responsibilities are vastly different. This just enhances the march of redistribution and the encroachment of communism.

Again I warn all who are out there to listen to what is being said. Listen closely to the context of the words and not just the sound bites being used to gain support. Our way of life and country is under assault. It is being torn asunder by the left under the guise of equality. The same way that the party started the revolution in Russia. It is the same arguments only the terms are modernised for their benefit.

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