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Thursday, April 23, 2009 

Salem Witch Trials

Here we go. I said this last year when it looked like all the mush heads were going to vote with their propagandised brainwashed grey matter. Now I was right. The far flung from reality and anti American crowd, pretending to run the show in Washington are on the hunt. We are going to see investigation after investigation of alleged crimes that are being politically pursued and not reasoned out.

The left will not be satisfied until they are able to pin some imagined wrong on former President Bush and ram through a false conviction of feel good leftist views. This is bad precedent big time. Not only are they twisting and spinning arguments they are purposely hiding and ignoring any involvement that they them selves may have had in these sham investigations coming down the pike.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, promised an end to the culture of corruption. However as each hour goes by we find more and more corruption that she herself is tied into. Not to mention the lack of law and the Constitution that the left is abusing and ignoring at whim.

This fake human right/torture commission is only the beginning of the political drama that the left will parade in front of the world. Trying to embarrass and exploit this country to their own ends. A very, very, very bad mistake.

Despite the propaganda of the press and its biased support for a corrupt and incompetent Administration. The fat remains that this messiah is loosing popularity rather rapidly and it is not coming back. As Americans wake up to the real fascist in Washington and the shredding of the Constitution and arrogance being displayed. They, the public is getting tired and in some corners scared of the leftist theft of this country.

Is it a Greek tragedy? Is it a Shakespearean comedy of errors? This play being put on for the world show is definitely an attention getter and will not have a happy ending. Let us just hope that the ending will not turn out to be a real tragedy for the American citizen and freedom loving people.

Sow not what you reap, for you may reap not what you sow

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