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Monday, April 13, 2009 

Sexting, yes, no?

This is news? The fact that little Johnny has done something that his parents should have taught him better of?
It is sad that little Johnny did something that as a society we have deemed socially immoral and now Johnny has to pay the price and register as a sex offender. Oh shucks my heart aches, (NOT).

Just because Johnny evidently has parents who did not take the time to sit down and discuss such behavior with him. We as a society must feel guilty for Johnny. I say BULL $%^#.

So what is sexting? Well if you have not heard it is where teenagers take pictures of themselves and send it via text, over the phone/Internet in nothing but their birthday suits. For those who do not know , that means naked pictures of themselves.

So is this a crime guilty of punishment of being a registered sex offender? Hmmmm, technically it is child pornography, and that is a punishable offense. So if a child, or minor, (that is all who are under the legal age, which is 16 for consent in most jurisdictions) commites an act that violates law we need to go easy on them.

There once was a time, oh so long ago where we held the parents of these children responsible for the behavior of that child. Now it seems that no one is responsible and if the child does something wrong they get a pass. This is yet an other example of progressive thinking and its failures.

When we entitle youth to rights that they are not ready for they do stupid things. It is human nature to screw up. Yet with each screw up there comes responsibility and consequences. If a child assaults another child it is assault period. Does that mean that we lock the child up forever? No, it means though that if it was out of anger or for viciousness then punishment needs to fit the act.

Should a child be a sex offender for sexting? Well it is child porn. It does demonstrate a lack of any moral judgement and decision making. It demonstrates that some parents who think it is OK do not have any moral values themselves.

If the child is a chronic sexter then there is a major problem and being labeled a sex offender might be the right punishment. After all if you are ticketed for urinating in public you can also be punished as having to register yourself as a sex offender.

Maybe a removal of cell phones from the hands of the youth is an option, but heaven forbid if we stigmatise the child for doing something wrong. that would only make the child think about their acts and the consequences. This we know is never the right thing to do. Teach the children right from wrong.

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