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Wednesday, April 08, 2009 

Turks make fun of President Obama

This would be funny if it were not an insult to the office of the President of the United States. tukish reporters made fun of President Obama by reporting on him in black face.

Remember when Ted Danson came out on stage while dateing Whoopi Goldberg in black face. The liberals were all up in arms and screaming for reeducation along with massive apologise from Danson. The cries were of racism , insensitivity, and absloute non political correctness.

So now that the turks do it are the liberals going to call for a boycott of Turkey? Will they demand an apology from them for their incorrectness? Will Al Sharpton be on the next plane with his thong of protestors marching in the street calling for this reporters job?

I doubt that the Reverend Jesse Jackson will protest or even comment upon this.

What will the current administration and their Muslim/Socialist agenda do? Nothing!

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