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Sunday, April 12, 2009 

New low for The United States

Since President Ronald Regan we as a nation held a policy that we would not negotiate with terrorist. Seeing how there are three types of terrorist, Crazies, Crusaders, and the most forgotten group, Criminals. The pirates of Somalia fall into the last group. Our current government has entered into not only negotiations but paying off criminals.

According to a report on Bloomberg:


Pirate Says Implementation of Deal on U.S. Captain Postponed

We are going to buy Capt Richard Phillips freedom. Although the deal has been postponed. It is still a negotiated payoff to criminals. Rewarding bad behavior with financial gain. This is an OUTRAGE.

We literally have these thugs dead in the water and within justices reach. However the weak and cowardly leadership of Washington wants to reward these people and give in to them. What will this achieve? It will only bring about more acts of violence and piracy around the world against American interest and citizens.

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