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Wednesday, April 08, 2009 

The American people still have backbone

The news is all a flutter about the hijacking of a U.S. vessel that was taken over by Somali pirates. Our government sat on its laurels and was waiting, discussing, planning more then likely ways to give in to the pirates and make Obamanation look good to not only the Muslims in Somalia but to the rest of the socialist world.

While this was happening the crew aboard this ship. The sixth to be attacked and seized in recent days belongs to the Danish company Maersk. The crew , all American, were taken hostage. Yet this fortunately was not the end of the story.

In what would appear and could be insinuated. The crew not wanting to spend 444 days in captivity like the hostages in the Tehran Embassy in 1979, decided to do something about their situation. Using good old American fighting guts and fortitude decide to take action. Something we see little out of Washington D.C. and the current administration. The Americans fought back and regained control of the ship.

Reports are not confirmed but it would seem that several of the pirates are swimming to shore while one is being held as the criminal he is by the ships crew. Though these crew members are hero's in their own right for fighting against criminals. I am sure that some where there are lawyers checking the ink in their pens. Getting briefs made to state that the human rights of the pirates were violated by the crew who fought back.
Reports are now coming in that the ships Capitan may still be held as a hostage of the pirates. Will President Obama pay off the pirates with cash, or will he show the same back bone as the crew and send in the military to put an end to these international criminals?
Chances are that the Obama administration is looking for ways to pay off these pirates.

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