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Sunday, April 12, 2009 

White House denies negotiations

Vice Adm. William Gortney, head of the U.S. Naval Central Command, said in a Pentagon briefing from Bahrain, “The United States government policy is to not negotiate.”

Well and good. Nice public relations comment now that Capt. Richard Phillips is once again a free man. However then why did it take so long, and the Captain have to make a second escape attempt in order to be freed? Why was there F.B.I. negotiators on hand and finally why did the navy send a small boat with a negotiator out towards the life raft . One that was shot upon by the pirates and forced to turn around.

Why the news reports of negotiations falling apart and then the demand of 2 million dollars made public?

Not to compound this but should not at least the Sec of State Hillary Clinton have at least made this statement to the world press. If not the President himself Obama come out and made the statement that we do not negotiate.

Neither said a thing until now that it is over. The statement comes from the navy in a press conference.

Could it be as simple as this. The State department was going to pay off these pirates even though we had assets in place to take the Captain back and free him. That if not for the second escape attempt in which the navy SEALS capitalised upon , killing three of four pirates and securing Capt. Phillips. That the White House and staff want to show leadership by taking credit for events that unfolded without their (lack) leadership.

No matter, the bottom line is good. Richard Phillips is free and three pirates are dead.

Here is what our President had to say about the whole situation, during and now that it is over.

“I am very pleased that Captain Phillips has been rescued and is safely on board the USS Boxer. His safety has been our principal concern, and I know this is a welcome relief to his family and his crew.

I am also very proud of the efforts of the U.S. military and many other departments and agencies who worked tirelessly to secure Captain Phillips’s safe recovery.

We remain resolved to halt the rise of piracy in this region. To achieve that goal, we must continue to work with our partners to prevent future attacks, be prepared to interdict acts of piracy and ensure that those who commit acts of piracy are held accountable for their crimes.

I share the country’s admiration for the bravery of Captain Phillips and his selfless concern for his crew. His courage is a model for all Americans.”

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