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Tuesday, April 07, 2009 

Apologise to Cuba???

Now that the Obamanation administration is going to relax the restrictions between the United States and the oppressive Cuban governments. Allowing money to be legally transferred from American banks to yet another foreign countries banks. Then allowing travel for those who fled this dictatorship free travel back and forth (as if they already did not have that, face the truth they travel back and forth all the time).

The Cuban government thinks that we, America need to apologise to them. For what? Apologise for the fact that Fidel Castro is a tyrant? That the regime he led oppressed and kept the Cuban people in poverty for 50 years. They want us to apologise for the fact that they are screwed up? just what are we to apologise for. The fact we did not support a socialist/Marxist? That while Fidel lived a life of luxury the people lived poverty.

It was not the American people who put Fidel into power, nor set the policy in which he governed. But hey Obamanation more then likely will apologise and say sorry. Sorry that Fidel is a fascist dictator, and that it is our fault he left his people to live in squall er while he lived a good life.

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