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Monday, April 06, 2009 

Obama almost answers the question

Did I hear President Obamanation correctly? In his speech to the nation of Turkey President Obama almost answers the campaign question that still lingers. The one other then where was he born. the question of whether or not he is Muslim or not.

During his rather boring and lack of substance speech. President Obama talks about how America has never been nor will be at war with Islam. Guess another failure of his is history. Anyone else remember the Barbary Coast Pirates? How they were Muslims and were taking Americans along with anyone else who was not Muslim and turning them into slaves and holding them for ransom. A practice that is still ongoing today.

Obama forgot that the Ottoman Empire in WWI was the Turks and , holy cow they were and still are Muslim. Or how about the Bosnia Herzegovina fiasco. the majority of the crimes, despite the American reports were committed by Muslims.

Back to the question. During the election campaign it was verboten to mention any connection between President Obama and his families Islamic ties. Remember how the picture of him in Islamic garb in Kenya was off limits to publication except on certain web sites. How President Obama's personal history of going to a madrasa and being adopted by a Muslim parent was off limits. Basically any mention of his connections was censored.

Well Now we have President Obamanation kowtowing to the Sheik of Saudi Arabia. A much more respectful greeting then any shown the Queen of England. Then in his "hey I like you and am one of you" speech to Turkey today. President Obamanation mentions his ties and growing up in a Muslim culture. How his family is Muslim. Hinting that he too is Muslim.

Yet he did stop just short of saying that he bows and faces east when he prays. Saying it without saying it he let slip his belief of the pedophile known as Muhammad, his respect for the Koran over the Bible, and that he has no concept or loyalty about being American.

President Obamanation is a disgrace and joke to the office of President of the United States. Not only does he not have a grasp of history , but his loyalties lye elsewhere. He is destroying the Constitution with his ILLEGAL power grab of private corporations and the turning over control of financial institutes to foreign authority. This is not helping out this country. this is killing America.

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