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Thursday, July 30, 2009 

DO the right thing, be called a racist.

This is how the left rewards good neighbors. Call then racist, persecute them and threaten them for looking out for their neighbors.

Now that the Cambridge police have released the audio tapes of the now infamous phone call. A phone call that clearly demonstrates a good neighbor in action and not a RACIST. The poor woman and her family is being threatened and libeled. What tolerance, what insight, what equality the left is showing. Damn Hypocrites!!!!!!!

The question has yet to be asked even by FOX news. If this were a black neighbor and the man who entered his home (instead of a black professor of propaganda. Gates) had busted a window to get in would the same phone call have brought such an uproar of B.S. false claims of racism?

More then likely not. It would have been treated even by the white man as a good thing. That his neighbor was looking out for his home. Instead we get a false uproar of false racism being bandied about.

Enter our new Messiah. President Obama. Would he have invited the same parties to the white house for a photo op and beer? Or would he have bestowed some reward and congratulations on the good citizen neighbor?

So do we draw the conclusion that if, as a good citizen we report possible crimes in progress that may involve minorities. We as good citizens can look forward to becoming Vitim's of wrongful prosecution from the left. Being slandered and libeled as racist. The the safety of our families threatened by hot head leftists and known race baiters.

Is it worth being a good citizen when this happens? Or do we close our windows and pull the shades down to ignore what may be a crime next door.

This leads to another question. One that has been asked and scoffed at. In an ALL POINTS BULLETIN, race is included. Does this mean that APB's are racist in nature as well?

Just what is the point of this blog? I don't know but I would like answers to the questions.

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